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• Cosmetic Treatments •
Our office offers an at-home bleaching system to help you achieve a rather inexpensive enhancement to your smile.  It is a conservative method of cosmetic dentistry, but results can typically be seen in about two weeks.  After the initial treatment, you may use “touch-up” applications if needed.  It should be noted that your existing fillings, bondings, or crowns will not change color and may need to be replaced to match your new, whiter teeth.  In the long run, the over-the counter products cost about the same amount of money and are not nearly as effective as the methods available at our dental office.  Store bought whitening methods are only half as effective as what we offer.
Bonding has become a phrase that is often used to describe a number of dental procedures but, typically refers to a method of adding tooth-colored filling material to the teeth in the front of your mouth.  Recent advances in technology have increased the strength, durability, and longevity of these restorations.  Bonding material can be molded and shaped to achieve outstanding results including tooth lightening, closing spaces between teeth, make teeth appear straighter, and repair chips and cracks.  The advantage of bonding is the procedure is completed in one day.  Bonding typically lasts three to five years before needing replaced.  For a longer lasting result, we recommend placing veneers.
A veneer is a porcelain covering fabricated outside of your mouth.  It is about the thickness of an artificial finger nail.  Veneers are among the most popular and successful methods available for changing and improving the look of your smile.  The process involves removing a small amount of tooth structure to ensure proper cementation of the veneer.  The dental lab then fabricates the veneers from impressions we have taken.  After placement the veneers look like natural teeth.  Among the advantages of veneers verses bonding is the longevity you will get as well as the resistance to staining.
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