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• Restorative Treatments •
Most dental fillings placed in our office are made of mercury-free, composite resin material.  Upon request or need, an amalgam filling may also be placed.
When a filling is not enough, or a crown is too much, your tooth may require an onlay or an inlay.  In essence, it is a porcelain filling fabricated outside of your mouth, which is then cemented into place.
Cerec Crowns:
A Cerec crown can make your tooth stronger and improve its appearance by covering and supporting the tooth.  Reasons for needing a crown include large amounts of decay, previous root canal therapy, large, failing fillings, failing crown or lastly cosmetic improvement.  The beauty of a Cerec crown not only comes from its appearance, the crown is fabricated in our office during your appointment, saving you multiple trips to our office and the headache caused by temporaries.  Cerec crowns enhance the beauty of your smile by being metal free with a very natural appearance.
Dental implants are utilized to replace teeth that are missing or have been extracted.  The dental implant replaces the root of the tooth, acting as an anchor in the jaw bone.  The implant will be placed by either a periodontist or an oral surgeon.  After several weeks of healing the restoration will be completed by the placement of a crown, simulating a natural tooth, onto the implant post that looks, feels, and functions like a natural tooth.  Implants are dramatically changing the way people live.  With them patients are rediscovering the ability to eat, smile and speak with confidence.
When a tooth is missing, a bridge, also know as a fixed partial denture, is able to replace that tooth by connecting a false tooth to two crowns.  There are other options for missing teeth.  Dental implants are usually the recommended replacement option for a missing tooth.  During your visit all replacement options will be discussed.
Traditionally, the two different types of dentures included partials, which replaced only a few missing teeth or complete dentures which replace an entire arch.  Through the use of implants, the dentistry of dentures is changing.  Current and new denture wearers alike can benefit from the utilization of implants to retain their dentures, which provide a more stable approach to traditional methods.  All denture wearers, including implant supported and traditional, should be seen yearly at our office for a complete exam.  The exam includes a denture cleaning, examination of the gingival tissue and the denture itself, and visual oral cancer screening.
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